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New Search and easier Trade creation

– Yixn

Hey guys,
i got big news today, Our new search is now fully funtional including an matching algorythm for the items you write.
You are also able to create Trades with this new search function

Let me know on Discord or Twitter what you guys think!

Best Regards Yixn

Update on Forcing Platform Connection

– Yixn

Hey guys,
i just enabled the platform force for all trades.

The resultts for the poll every registered user saw are also here:

I understand that this is necessary => 3497 votes equals 90.55%
I dislike this change => 365 votes equals 9.45%

Best Regards,

Forcing Platform Connection

– Yixn

Hey guys,
as many of you noticed we had problems with spambots over the last few weeks.
They are going so far that they are paying to solve the captchas on the registration.

So we have to force an account connection to the platform you are trading on and also disallow links in trades.

This change will happen in exactly one week (2017-08-25 00:00:00 GMT)

Connect your Accounts here


Lets expand the family

– Yixn

Hey guys,
I've been talking about expanding to other games for quite some time now.
And finally i found the time to create a page for a game besides Rocket League.
I proudly present!

This Page is dedicated to the Trading Part.

Your user accounts will be available on all of my pages (this also includes premium ;P)

Stay tuned,

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